Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Fun in the Sun

Hello! This summer has just flown by and I haven't posted a thing! Sorry about that to the few of you that actually read my stories!

Stephanie and I have been quite active this summer. Water is my daughter's favorite activity. She especially loves the Germantown splash park. She runs her little behind off and won't get out of the water...that is until I drag her out a couple of hours later! That's when Mom is pooped out. She can be hard to find....then all of a sudden a little head peaks out from behind the wall of water. She is so little and easy to lose! Love her though...can't seem to give her enough kisses!

In order to burn off my daughter's excessive energy, I've been taking her to gymnastics lessons this summer. She has learned to jump....on everything, including the furniture! She especially loves the trampoline and loves to get up "so high!" Then, she crash-lands on her behind and laughs. Breaking away from the group is apparently a barrel of laughs for her. She darts off to whatever piece of apparatus she wants to play on, practically runs over the other kids, and leads mom on a good chase. What a workout after class is over!!

Stephanie went to her first carnival this year. The kiddie rides were a blast for her. She is only two and looks so grown up! She really enjoyed being a "big kid" and hanging out with her three year old friend. Mom just didn't exist there!

Gotta catching up to me. Until next time...
Steph's mom

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beach Adventure

Well, I made it back from Hilton Head in one piece. We had a wonderful time. My niece ended up tagging along so I wasn't the lone female in a house full of men!

Stephanie had a great time as well, although she was sick with a stomach bug the first few days. We did a lot of bike riding on the lovely trails throughout the island. We just plunked Steph in the attached bike seat, put on her bike helmet and away we went (usually to the nearest playground)! She loved the playground with the big giant tree house at Harbor Town the best. Lots of stairs for her to climb as fast as her little legs would take her! she loved playing with the steering wheel and peaking over the edge to daddy who was down below with the camera!

Stephanie loved the hot tub too. The first night of our stay, she got into the luke warm bath water hot tub with the rest of us and enjoyed dumping water over our heads with a plastic cup someone gave her. She had the biggest smile I've ever seen!!! What little it takes to thrill the little ones in this world.

Everyone took turns cooking meals, which was nice and worked out well. However, dishes don't clean themselves. Yours truly was awarded that task without consulation. I could have ignored the mess, but I couldnt' stand the site of food left out on the table the next morning. Someone had to do the dirty work!!

Stephanie is about to have a birthday. She'll be turning the "big 2" on June 24th. Winnie the Pooh is the theme this year. She's already starting the "terrible twos". Temper tantrums are on her daily agenda these days. Ugh!! I long for the "old" days when she would just roll around on the floor. Take care everyone!

Steph's mommy

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby Vacation

Stephanie's almost two years old and is about to embark on her second trip to the big ocean. So, I'm busy arming myself with super-baby sunblock, sand toys and shovels, baby lotion, hats, sunglasses, shoes, my new jogging stroller (yippee!), swim suits, clothes, toys and more toys, stuffed animals, something to sleep in and a boat load of snacks. Not to mention my own luggage!! My parents own a time share at Hilton Head. Unfortunately, due to my dad's pending surgery, they can't come this year. So, we have the place to ourselves. This means my husband, baby, me and the guys in the family...all unsupervised! I have visions of a bachelor pad with a baby and me caught up in the web of a giant sized mess...--food and dishes left lying around, clothes strewn about....and a sand-covered baby to top it all off. She always wants to go "oud-ide" (outside) now and run everywhere. Some people have suggested toddler leashes. Everytime I bring up the thought, however, I get the evil eye so I won't go there!! Maybe isntead of rest I'll lose the 10 pounds I've been wanting to do for months now on this "vacation"!

Since I won't have my wonderful parents to help babysit at the beach, I'm conjuring up other babysitter ideas. My brother likes to jog. Perhaps, I can hand over my new jogging stroller with baby inside and he can run to his heart's content with my daughter!! You know, she would probably love it. He might not. We'll have to see! Not a bad idea though, is it?!

I'll keep you posted on how this one goes. Maybe we can turn it into a movie script! Until next time,

Steph's mom

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Babbling Beauty

Stephanie is talking up a storm these days. Trouble is, only SHE can understand what she's saying! The other day my husband said our nearly 2-year-old daughter was holding a conversation with herself in a local McDonalds. He said luckily no one else was around!! (ha) It's funny to watch and listen to her. She has all of the expressions and inflection of an adult talking to another adult. Then, she looks you right in the eyes as though you MUST understand exactly what she's talking about. I just say, "yeah, that's right". Better watch what I say. Maybe my behavior will come back to haunt me one day when she claims I told her she could do or have all of these things! She seems especially intrigued with cars. Naturally, she's also always eyeing over the most expensive ones.

Stephanie did complete some short sentences this past week. One day, after she woke up, she said to me "Daddy go car". I said that's right...he went off to work! She later headed for the sofa, sat down, and said, "I sit". It was so cute. She has her own chair too. She's getting a bit wild with it. She keeps putting it on the sofa or the coffee table and tries to sit in it. She thinks it's hysterical while I'm a nervous wreck waiting for the fall to come!! Hope you all have a very nice day...stay warm!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Steph takes a road trip

Our family of three recently braved the cold and snow and took a quick trip to Chicagoland. One highlight was the children's museum. Little Stephanie, now almost 20 months old!, couldn't get enough. She was especially cute in the water room. Yes, there was water, water everywhere...coming out of faucets, pipes, splashing into pools and big sinks. Raincoats were required. Stephanie's raincoat was too big, but it was apparently the smallest they had. The little peanut kept falling over and we would just roll her back onto her feet. She didn't seem to mind. The water and the way it splashed all over when she stuck her hand in it was just too interesting. Stephanie also got her first ride on the El Train. She held on for dear life and so did I! Actually, she enjoyed watching the scenery and then she took a snooze. I kept wondering if the train would topple took some of those curves up in the sky pretty fast! I'm just too used to the smooth Washington METRO I least it stays put! Anyway, onto other things!

Stephanie got to play with a big bunch of balloons, following the 50th anniversary party we attended. At one point, the wad of ribbon was tucked into her pants and she just ran around whacking at the balloons. It was pretty funny. She didn't put them down for hours.

Stephanie had her first taste of snow this past week. It wasn't much, but she got to try out her brand new boots. She was having fun tromping around and then got a turn on the sled. She wasn't too excited, though. She just laid there while I took her for a spin. So much for the future skiiing trip!!

Take care,
Steph's Mom

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh that Dirt!

Before my baby days, taking a shower was just as easy as brushing my teeth. Post baby, it's a real treat to have one in peace! Since Stephanie climbs on everything and can't be trusted to be alone for long, I have to take her with me. Let me tell you. It's easier said than done! The first few times she was pretty good. Just wandering around the room with shoes, socks, bath toys and anything else she could grab. One day, I was enjoying my nice, hot shower when it just got too quiet. You probably know the feeling if you're a mom. When I wrapped up paradise, I got out and called for my daughter. After a few calls, she finally wandered over toward me. I have bad eyes without my glasses and she had something dark in her hand. When I asked her to show me what it was, she refused. Then, she cackled, threw it up in the air and went to get some more. Before I could react, there was dirt ALL OVER the room and she looked like she had gotten into the mud. She had found the giant plant. Standing there in my birthday suit, I feared I too would soon look like a mud wrestler. I nearly panicked, but I held it together! I managed to wash off her hands with my wet wash cloth and then dump her in her crib for a time out!!! A few minutes later after I cleaned up the carpet and myself, I went to retrieve my smiling baby who had had a ball playing in the dirt.

Doggy Baby

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a awhile. I was busy with Christmas and then the blog web site decided it didn't like me. I believe we've made up now!

My husband and I were watching CSI one of the many reruns that are on! Anyway, we had just settled in and all was pretty quiet on the TV. Everyone on the program was still alive and there was no gunfire or blood curtling screams yet. Just a pretty Golden Retriever running around in a field minding its own business. Then, the barking started. It kept getting louder and louder. We were bewildered. Suddenly, we both realized our toddler was barking away at the screen. A robust "Ruoof, Ruoof, Ruoof" coming out of this tiny person. I guess she just wanted to jump into the television set and chase the dog. So cute! She sure fooled mom and dad.....